Hello 2023!

February / March 2023 Issue.

Dear Readers welcome to 2023! We hope the New Year has been rewarding so far and will exceed your expectations! We would like to extend our warmest wishes to you all.

A local Kingfisher / Photograph courtesy of Matt Wells at PhotographyMassa. www.photographymassa.com

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We also would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who distribute the Parish Pump: Janet, Ian, Sarah, Maureen, Frances, Hazel, Margaret, and Charlie.

Time to get Walking again!

With Spring on its way are you looking for some local Norfolk walks?

Walking in Norfolk has loads of walks to download and print for free. It also has books of walks, details of all the walking groups in the county and much more!

Whether you want to walk on your own or with a group, all the information you need is available at: https://www.walkinginengland.co.uk/norfolk

The last East Tuddenham Parish Council walk on Saturday 31st December 2022.

East Tuddenham Parish Council

The Minute.

Breckland Distrcit Council may allow the parish to spend the balance of £812 from the play area fence grant on other recreational benefits. The Parish Council are consulting with the Village Hall.

A plaque has now been installed on the Boardwalk.

The bus shelter needs repairing and councillors are looking to see if this is something they can do themselves. If this is something you can help with, please contact the clerk.

Council was pleased to see and hear from a member of the public and District Councillor Paul
Claussen at their December meeting. Please come along to find more information about what is going on in the parish.

The Parish Council have been contacted by a member of the public about the impact council decisions have on those with disabilities. Councillors are keen to find out more and invite anyone with input to come to a parish council meeting and raise their ideas in the public session.

The Parish Council have replaced the pads on the defibrillator at the village hall and donated to the church for a new notice board.

In December the Parish Council set their 2023/24 budget. This year the precept has been set at
£8,935, which is an increase of £27.57 per annum for a band D property. See the website for more information on the budget.

Dates for 2023 parish council meetings have been agreed upon and are on the website.

The next meetings are 7 February and 7 March. Please come along and hear what your council are doing.

-by: Lorraine Trueman, Clerk to East Tuddenham Parish Council

Email: easttudenhamclerk@gmail.com

The East Tuddenham Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except for August) at 7:30 pm at the Jubilee Hall, where we will discuss village matters.

We welcome anybody who would like to attend. Further details, including agendas and minutes from meetings, can be found on the East Tuddenham Parish Council website https://www.easttuddenhamparishcouncil.org.uk/

East Tuddenham Jubilee Hall

We are seeking someone to fill the paid position of Caretaker to help with the cleaning and maintenance of the hall.

The role would be to liaise with hirers ascertaining their needs, making sure the hall is locked and unlocked as needed, ensuring the hall is clean and tidy, and that the hirer has everything they require. You would need to be flexible and able to manage your time around what is needed. This is a post that can possibly be shared.

If you feel that this is something you would be interested in or able to do then, please contact a member of the committee or get in touch with Martyn Barrett, Chairman (07766221670) or Ted Hickling, Vice Chairman (01603 880774) for further details.

Social Club membership

The Social Club is a members’ club. We are required by our licence for those using the club to be members. Subscriptions for social club memberships are now due for renewal for 2023.

Application/Renewal for annual membership forms are available at the social club bar. The cost of membership remains unchanged ie Adults £5, Senior citizens and under 18s £2.50. Snooker Club membership also remains unchanged at £7.


It is hoped to have a firework event on the playing field this year on Saturday 4th November.

A large group of helpers is required to enable this to go ahead. We are looking for enthusiastic villagers to come forward to help plan and organise the event. We need the names of those willing to commit to helping take this forward. The event cannot go ahead without sufficient help.

Celebrations this year!

The King’s coronation in May.

The 40th Anniversary of the Jubilee Hall on the 7th of October

These are events we can celebrate as a community but we need to hear your ideas of what form you would like these celebrations to take and how you can help realise these ideas.

Please share your ideas so that planning can start!

Photo credit of George Johnson



Vice Chair



Martyn Barrett

Ted Hickling

Janice Leaney

Janet Shrimpling

Keith Goodrun

07766 221670

01603 880774

01603 880566

01603 880779

Mystery Noise

An East Tuddenham resident has mentioned that they are regularly disturbed by a very low frequency ‘mechanical whomp whomp’ noise and vibration that appears randomly and at all hours, day and night. Has anyone else heard this as well?

If so, please let us know either by email or the East Tuddenham Community Page on Facebook so we can try and track it down.

Resounding Thanks!

What a wonderful evening! Thanks to everyone who came along to the Honingham Pump before Christmas to listen to Bellfolk ring. Many of you sang along to the carols and Christmas songs very heartily. Thanks also to the couple who came adorned in Victorian costumes. You looked wonderful!

We must extend sincere thanks to the management of ‘The Buck’ who added to the camaraderie by providing mince pies for the assembled crowd. When everyone started to feel chilled, their complementary nibbles and mulled wine made us feel very welcome inside the pub. It really was an occasion to warm our hearts and after this (and our visit to The Goat Shed) our collection, for the M S Society, totalled an amazing £261.54 A big THANK YOU from Bellfolk.

A Bit about Bells… or a brief introduction to ‘Bellfolk’

Several newcomers to the area have told me that they were totally unaware of there being a long-established handbell group based ‘on the doorstep’ in Honingham.

Consequently, I thought that it may be interesting to know a little bit about Bellfolk. I could go
on…and on….and on about our history, but I will restrict myself to recent events.

Paul Blyth, the former village blacksmith, rang handbells at Christmas as a boy and he worked out that 2022 was the 60th anniversary of handbells being played in the village before Christmas. When I first joined the team in 1986, it was under the leadership of local enthusiast, Michael Goodman. At that stage, we used to travel around the area for about 2 weeks before Christmas ringing from the back of an open truck. (Great fun but no longer allowed due to insurance changes.)

But bells are not just for Christmas and the team rings an assortment of music all year around, using over 40 bells. Sadly, Michael died several years ago but the group still uses the same 3 1/2-octave set of traditional English handbells kindly lent by the Goodman family.

In addition, we received a lottery grant from “Awards for All” to acquire a 3-octave set of hand chimes, which we use alongside the bells. The present members are not all local and travel from as far afield as Gorleston, Reepham or Norwich to ring with the team. We go out to entertain a variety of groups, perform concerts, ring for weddings and we also take part in rallies with other teams.

We practise at Honingham Village Hall on a Thursday evening between 7:30 pm and 10:00pm and would welcome new members. It helps if you can read music, but is not essential.

If you fancy a very different but absorbing musical hobby, why not get in touch or come along to our next Open Session on Thursday 23rd March?

There will be more information nearer the time on Facebook and our website. It’s fun!

– by: Linda McCord (mccordlinda@hotmail.com)

News from All Saints East Tuddenham : All Change!

Do you ever feel like the world is shifting and swirling so fast that it is different from one day to the next? It is simply a fact that we live in an age when everything seems to be changing before our eyes. Technology seems to move on a daily basis as we are bombarded with the latest must-have gizmos and gadgets. Then there is the cost-of-living crisis, and the difficulties facing the NHS. Open fields becoming housing estates. Climate Change. Sometimes we just want life to stop and remain the same for a while just so we can catch our breath, but life isn’t like that, change is inevitable. Nature by the very changing of the seasons encourages us to embrace change.

As we enter the season of Spring our minds may immediately think of the new growth of nature, the bare trees beginning to bud new leaves and the snowdrops appearing through the dark cold earth. Seasons are a time when we are reminded that life goes on and sometimes, we have to roll with the changes, keeping our eyes focused ahead even if we are unsure quite where we are going. We get older and hopefully wiser.

For the last 3 years, I have been Assistant Curate in the group of churches and villages within the Mattishall and Tudd Valley which includes East Tuddenham, Hockering, North Tuddenham, Welborne Mattishall andYaxham. I have learned a great deal about how churches and rural communities work and got to know many different people in the different villages. I, like all of you, have lived and worked through a pandemic. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with schools and care homes, with individuals as they prepare for confirmation. I have supported those who are bereaved through a funeral service and beyond. I have baptised babies and officiated at weddings.

However, my season here is coming to an end and I will be moving on to a new role of Team Vicar in a different part of the Diocese of Norwich.

I am truly thankful to all those I have met along the way and for all that I have experienced.
Through all the changes that have been and all that lie ahead for me and for those I leave behind, it is good to remember that there is one thing that never changes — and that is Jesus Christ! He was in the past exactly who He is in the present and precisely who He will be forever! That’s why in the bible in the book of Hebrews Chapter 13 verse 8 it says, ‘Jesus Christ remains the same Yesterday, today and forever.’
My hope and future is based on my relationship with God in Jesus Christ who died and rose again so we can live our best lives through all the changing scenes of life.

All Saints Church services for December and January

5th February – 10:30am / Holy Communion

12th February – 10:00am / Benefice Service -St Michael’s Church, Hockering. / Holy Communion – Andrea’s Farewell Service.

19th February – 10:30am – Morning Worship

5th March – 10:30am / Holy Communion

19th March – 10:30am / Morning Worship

– by: Rev Andrea ‘ With every blessing’

Church Contact details:

If you want to know more about the Christian faith go to our website

or contact one of the clergy:

Rev Mark McCaghrey: 01362 882260 mark.mccaghrey@matvchurch.uk
Rev Sally Thurgill: 01362 692745 sally.thurgill@matvchurch.uk

More Thanks!

Thank you for the great turnout for the Carol service at East Tuddenham Church on Christmas Eve 2022, and thank you to Chris and Eleanor for Mince Pies and Mulled Wine afterwards!

Honingham Parish Council

The Minute.

Honingham Parish Council met on January 11 th – a departure from previous years, but the addition of an extra meeting offered the opportunity to review the budget at month 9, consider the current economic climate and use this data to agree the budget for 2023-24.

After careful consideration, the council agreed to set the precept at £10,199. The council acknowledged that whilst this was a 15% increase on the previous year for a Band D property, it did allow for the amount of general reserve to be maintained. See the website for more information on the budget.

We welcomed David Allfrey, Assistant Director Infrastructure Delivery, Community & Environmental
Services – Highways at Norfolk County Council.
Previously, both the council and parishioners had raised concerns about the impact on the village of
proposed road closures when the A47 works take effect.

Mr Allfrey was very helpful; he explained lots of monitoring was planned to make sure the consequences were different to those already anticipated, and that these would be reviewed again 6 months after the completion of the scheme. He promised to work with the council if issues are identified.
In the meantime, David agreed to arrange for a vehicle count on The Street and Colton Road to
provide the council with a reference point.

The council were pleased to Co-opt Mrs Stacey Bertram to the council. Stacey has lived in the village for the last 6 years and is keen to help move the parish forward with planned projects.
District Councillor Peter Bulman reported on his involvement in local matters and offered to assist the Council in liaising with the Highways department after repeated requests to maintain potholes etc. had seemingly largely been ignored.

Dates for the council meetings have been agreed. These are displayed on the village notice boards and on the website. The days of the next meetings are 8 February and 8 March. Please do come along.

-by: Fiona Johnston

Fiona Johnston – clerk.honinghampc@gmail.com

The Honingham Parish Council meetings take place on the 2nd Wednesday of every month (except for August) at 7pm at the Village Hall. Please see the Council website for agendas, minutes and other information relating to the village. https://www.honinghampc.info/
For Council matters please contact the Parish Clerk, Fiona Johnston – clerk.honinghampc@gmail.com

Honingham Church Services


5th (Septuagesima) 11:00

12th (Seximagesima) 11:00

19th (Quinquagesima) 9:30

22nd (Ash Wednesday) 7:30pm

26th (Lent I) 11:00

Holy Communion


Holy Communion

Holy Communion


St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew’s Church

St Paul’s Chapel

St Paul’s Chapel

St Andrew’s Church


5th (Lent II) 9:30 Holy Communion / St Andrew’s Church

12th (Lent III) 11:00 Mattins / St Andrew’s Church

19th (Lent IV) 11:00 Holy Communion / St Paul’s Chapel

26th (Lent V) 11:00 Mattins / St Andrew’s Church


The Mobile Library is a service that is currently under threat. Using the service more in our villages may help keep these local routes open to us. Books can be ordered from the main library and delivered via the mobile library, please ask on the mobile library for more details. Calls on Wednesday, normally every 28 days

Hardcover book lying on the table in a library

East Tuddenham dates

22 Feb 2023

22 Mar 2023







Stop Nb



Stop Name

Bull Close

Ex Post Office

Honingham dates

1 Feb 2023

29 Mar 2023

26 April 2023

24 Maw 2023







Stop Nb



Stop Name

Fellowes Road

Village Pump

Honingham Village Hall

Coming Soon!

Farmers Market – Honingham Village Hall – Friday 17th February 9.00am to 3.00 pm

Easter Quiz – Honingham Village Hall – Saturday April 1st. Keep date free more details to follow.

Table tennis – Honingham Village Hall – every Wednesday from 2.00 to 4.00pm

For a loving Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is around the corner and as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Meanwhile, the way to a lady’s heart remains conveniently a mystery.

And whether you are trying to impress a new fling with a dîner en tête à tête. Spoil the whole family. Indulge your childhood sweetheart or trying to rekindle the spark. Or perhaps, simply celebrating the beauty and love you have for yourself, Valentine’s Day should be on the menu.

While many singletons may dread this day, Valentine’s Day is just a day to reflect and bask in the meaning of LOVE. Past. Present or future. Because the true beauty of love is that it is as unique and universal as it comes. And what else is as unique and universal as love, you may ask…FOOD!

So go ahead and celebrate yourself, your loved ones, your dog if you will! But my gosh have a good loving meal while you’re at it!

Recipe: Beetroot & Goat Cheese Risotto.

Wine: Dry Rosé

Beets and goat cheese are the lovebirds of any good kitchen, a true match made in heaven.

This striking duo works beautifully in salads with crushed walnuts sprinkled on top or as a soup with crumbly chunks of goat cheese to finish it off. And this recipe is really just a take on the beetroot and goat cheese soup that my partner, Tom likes to make for the family. But I’m adding a little twist to it by adding arborio rice and turning it into a risotto instead.

Accompanied with a crisp and dry glass of rosé (which you will need a splash of to deglaze and stir the rice with anyway) makes for a colourful and flavourful (but simple) Valentine’s Day dinner.

Because no one wants to be tied to the oven when “First Date” is on!


Beets peeled and cleaned, roughly cut. (you can use frozen or pre-cooked ones.)

Olive oil


Black Pepper

Vegetable or Chicken Stock

Butter (salted or unsalted)

Shallots finely chopped

Arborio rice

Rosé wine

Goat cheese (preferably whithout the skin if you’re using goat cheese from the supermarket)

Pine Nuts (Keep some to finish )

Fresh Chives to finish.

Tom’s September 2022 Beetroots grown at The East Tuddenham Allotment.


1- Rub the beets in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Place them in an oven-safe dish and cook at high temperature for 25-30 min until tender. Set aside.

2- In a pan quickly roast the pine nuts. Set aside.

3-In a blender combine, the pine nuts, the goat cheese, and the beetroot with a splash of olive oil. If the consistency is too thick add a teeny bit of water. You don’t want it to be runny! But rather a smooth and creamy consistency.

4-In a small saucepan bring the stock to a simmer and keep warm but don’t boil.

5- In a medium braiser pan (or high side wide bottom pan) melt the butter and sauté the shallots until they become translucent.

6- Add the rice and stir it around until it’s coated in butter. Add the splash of wine and reduce. Stirring constantly.

7- Once the alcohol has evaporated, on low heat, slowly add the hot stock with a ladle. One at a time and making sure the rice has absorbed the stock before adding the next ladle of stock.

8- Keep stirring until the rice is al dente or to your liking.

9- Once cooked add the purrée from the blender to the risotto

10- Finish with some goat cheese chunks, roasted pine nuts, and chives. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I have learned to cook by eye from my Mum, so I’m unable to give exact measurements but a quick google search should come up with a perfect recipe to follow 🙂

-by Clàudia, with love X

Take Part!

If you have any ideas for future features or articles in the Parish pump please let us know. We would love to use photos in The Pump that you may have taken in the area, or historic photos you have found.

We would also like to publish interesting local stories, unique local characters, wildlife information, local walks, and other memories or information you might have from our parishes.

You can send ideas and photos to: theparishpumpeth@gmail.com

We currently have 233 members for East Tuddenham Community Page and 108 for Honingham Village Community Page where we regularily share news and upcoming events, and would love to include more people from the area. Follow our Facebook page here


New Start!

December 2022 Issue

We are happy to announce the continuation of the Parish Pump. Sarah Mugford, who has done a fantastic job of producing the Parish Pump this year, has handed over the reins of the newsletter to my partner, Claudia Tavares Lopes, and myself, Tom Bland.

East Tuddenham peacocks, roosting in a tree. Photo credit of Linda McCord. Thank you, Linda!

My partner and our 4-year-old daughter moved to the Village a year ago. I became an East Tuddenham Parish Council Member and have loved my first year of living here. We have discovered a charming area full of natural beauty and friendly residents who are keen to make the most of our villages. We have seen some great achievements such as the construction of the Jubilee Walk (down Church Lane) and its mention in Norfolk magazine, and the formation of the Community Allotment at the East Tuddenham Allotments.

This publication has had a very quick turnaround. We opted for a basic format in order to deliver the Christmas events and information on time. As we find our feet with this new endeavor we are looking to publish the Parish Pump as a bi-monthly newsletter, to begin with. Moving forward, we hope to improve the frequency and content of the newsletter and would welcome suggestions and contributions from our readers and fellow villagers.

If you would like to contribute to the next pump or advertise with us (only available for the printed version for now) please contact us at: theparishpumpeth@gmail.com

Beautiful Red Tractor. Photo credit of Luke Bryant. Thank you, Luke!

The next issue of the Pump will be in February 2023. Please make your submissions before the 18th of January.

We would like to thank Sarah Mugford for producing the Parish Pump for 2021. She has done a fantastic job at delivering an informative and well-edited newsletter that has been a great benefit to the community.

Thank you very much, Sarah!

We wish you happy holidays, and a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Image for illustration purposes only

East Tuddenham Jubilee Hall

Thanks are to Leigh Anderson for his hard work and commitment to the hall during his time as a voluntary Caretaker. We wish him well and give him all our best wishes.

The hall continues to thrive and be well used with the help of our willing volunteers. The small management committee spends its time and effort to keep the hall running.

It would be good to see some village events taking place and we look for more volunteers to come forward to organise events and join the committee. New members would bring new ideas for activities that can be taken forward so the hall becomes the village hub as it has been in the past. Please speak to any committee member to indicate your interest.

Perhaps you would be able to spare time to help behind the bar to support the small team of bar staff. Again please speak to any committee member with offers of help.

We are pleased to report that a Pool Club has been set up by a group of young people who have refurbished the pool table, fitted a new light over the table, and joined a league. The ambition of the group is to work towards the purchase of a new pool table.

Forthcoming Events

Thursday 8th December: Christmas Bingo 7pm for 7.30 start.

Wednesday 14th December: Christmas Dinner 12 o’clock for 12.30.

Image for illustration purposes only

Price: £25 with a deposit of £10 required.

To book please contact Pearl as soon as possible on 0750140450

Image for illustration purposes only

East Tuddenham Walk

The East Tuddenham Parish Council would like to invite anyone for a walk on

Saturday 31st December

Meet for the walk at the East Tuddenham Jubilee Hall at 10.30am

The East Tuddenham Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except for August) at 7:30 pm at the Jubilee Hall, where we will discuss village matters.

We welcome anybody who would like to attend. Further details, including agendas and minutes from meetings, can be found on the East Tuddenham Parish Council website https://www.easttuddenhamparishcouncil.org.uk/

News from All Saints East Tuddenham

Light in the Darkness

This time of year, the nights are getting longer and the temperature is dropping and life can feel rather gloomy.

The darkness can for some bring with it a sense of danger, uncertainty, and fear. Yet here we are in December and all around us, there is talk and evidence of light.

Christmas lights are being switched on, and open fires are being lit. Stars shine brightly in the night sky and Nativity
plays are performed starring angels with glittery wings and sparkly shoes.

As the Church enters the season of Advent, Christians everywhere are getting ready to celebrate the
birth of Jesus. One of my favourite passages in the Bible is John chapter 8 verse 12.

Jesus said

‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.’ So when you see the Christmas lights or the stars lighting up the night sky or you gaze at the flames of the open fire may these lights be a reminder that Jesus was born to shine as a light in the world, showing us the way, showing us forgiveness and the hope of a new beginning'

All Saints Church services for December and January

4th December – Holy Communion

24th December – Christmas Eve Carol Service – 3pm followed by coffee and Mince pies

1st January – Benefice Service All Saints Wellborne

8th January – Holy Communion

22nd January – Morning Worship

For details of other services around the Mattishall and Tudd Valley Benefice please go to

Have a very blessed Christmas and a hopeful new year.


Church Contact details:

Rev Mark McCaghrey: 01362 882260 mark.mccaghrey@matvchurch.uk
Rev Sally Thurgill: 01362 692745 sally.thurgill@matvchurch.uk
Rev Andrea Woods 01603 928279 andrea.woods@matvchurch.uk
Benefice office: 01362 858873 contact@matvchurch.uk

If you have a query about the church or churchyard please contact the benefice church
office in the first instance. The office is open Mon, Thurs and Fri 9.00am- 1.00pm


Honingham Church Services


4th (Advent II) 11:00

11th (Advent III) 11:00

18th (Advent IV) 3:30

25th (Christmas Day) 9:30

Holy Communion


Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Holy Communion

St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew’s Church

St Paul’s Chapel


1st (Circumcision of Christ) 9:30 Holy Communion / St Paul’s Chapel

8th (Circumcision of Christ) 11:00 Mattins & Blessing of the Plough / St Andrew’s Church

15th (Circumcision of Christ) 11:00 Holy Communion / St Andrew’s Church

22nd (Circumcision of Christ) 11:00 Mattins / St Andrew’s Church

19th (Circumcision of Christ) 9:30 Holy Communion / St Paul’s Chapel

The Royal British legion Poppy Appeal 2022

The magnificent sum of £587.02 was raised by Honingham for the Poppy Appeal.
Thank you all for your generosity and also to those who helped with the collection – a great outcome.

East Tuddenham Community Allotment

Growing Together, Autumn News Update!

Our Community Allotment

We started the community allotment in Spring 2022 to provide a place for local people to learn together about growing fruits, owers, herbs, and vegetables and to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of being in the green outdoors. We welcome those just starting out as well as experienced growers.

Thank You!

We have been overwhelmed by the response from so many people in our village and surrounding areas. We’ve had help in the form of volunteer hours, financial and material donations from local companies, East Tuddenham Charities, our Parish Council, and individuals. As a result, we have a new shed and base, compost bays, raised beds, a bug hotel, a bench, tables and chairs.

We also have tea-making facilities too – perfect for a welcome break and a chat in between tasks! We’ve had donations of pallets, paving slabs, and tools, as well as the use of trailers to move larger items, and the list goes on! Our regular visits from volunteers have enabled us to clear the site, dig, weed, trim, plant, water, and harvest.

Huge thanks – you all know who you are, and we hope you know how much we appreciate your support in all its many forms!

Membership 2023

We still have the capacity for new members to join us from early spring. We are open to folk from East Tuddenham, Honingham, and Mattishall areas. If you would like to have a go at growing your own but don’t have a lot of free time or think you couldn’t manage a whole allotment why not take on a small plot on the community allotment? Or maybe you are an experienced gardener who wants to downsize? Or are you new to the area? Whatever your reasons for joining you can be sure of a warm welcome!


This is an opportunity to volunteer locally and meet new people, there are always various jobs on the list! We’re also looking for two or three volunteers who would like to share their knowledge with less experienced members. Volunteering can be occasional or regular weekly visits – whatever works for you!


We aim to be as self-sufficient as possible as we move forward but as we continue to set up there are items that we still need. Do you have things that may be useful tucked away in a shed or outbuilding, things that you no longer need? We are looking for good quality items that we can put to use straight away, particularly:

  • An A-frame or noticeboard (perhaps a blackboard/ whiteboard style) for sharing information and ‘Jobs to do this week’
  • Garden tools (especially rakes, hoes, watering cans with roses, and hand tools)
  • A strong shelving unit for our 8X6 shed.
  • Paving slabs
  • Barrier matting

We’ve come a long way in a short time and have many plans for the future including a polytunnel so we can meet and grow all year round.

If you would like to find out more call us on 07884 382171

or email: etcommunityallotment@gmail.com.

We’d love to hear from you!